Privacy Policy

Following privacy policies are applicable for the Coupanadic website, all the content within the website, and users of the website. Please be noted that Coupanadic reserves the right to make any type of alterations/modifications to any privacy policy on any given date. 


By using the Coupanadic website, you agree to accept cookies and conform to our cookie policies. With cookies acceptance, we are able to fine-tune your experience using the Coupanadic website. Cookies help us monitor your activity patterns across the website in order to help you get the best experience possible when using the website. 

With cookies, we are also able to make relevant and precise recommendations which, in turn, can help you save time by eliminating the hassle of rigorously having to search for different types of coupons. 

User consent

At Coupanadic, We include the option for users to create a personal user account in order to get the best experience possible when using the website. By proceeding to create a personal user account, you agree to share your personal information such as your name, your birthday information, your address, and your personal preferences. 

By proceeding to create a personal user account, you also agree that you are of the legal age in the region you reside in. You can deactivate or permanently delete your user Coupanadic account any time you want. 

By creating a personal user account, you agree to share only your primary personal information. Coupanadic however does not collect any type of sensitive information associated with you or other users. The website doesn’t collect or ask for sensitive information such as religious views, political views, ethnicity, social/political associations, work role, work industry, salary/pay scale, mental and physical health, criminal records, and sexual views. 

Third-party sites

All the coupon codes included in Coupanadic are deals that are offered by other brands. Coupanadic itself doesn’t hold any right to make alterations to the coupon codes. Coupanadic includes embedded links to third-party sites on every coupon page. As such, Coupanadic isn’t responsible for all the privacy policies and the terms and conditions of the third-party sites that users land onto after clicking the embedded third-party website links. 

Fraudulent practices

Coupanadic doesn’t ask for any type of payments, including upfront deposits, coupon usage charges, donations, premium account membership charges, and ambitious types of deal claims such as 90% off on products. Therefore, Coupanadic isn’t responsible for frauds that claim to be from Coupanadic or a part of the team and ask for unauthorized payments.