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Namecheap is one of the fastest-growing online platforms/marketplaces to offer services such as domain name, hosting, WordPress management, and several other web services. The company started in 2000 and has gained consistent growth over the years.

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According to the company, it currently manages 13,000,000+ domains for more than 17,000 customers all across the world. The company has now broadened its services to include online security services, app development, data migration, domain migration, email suite, and WordPress management and migration. 

Why Namecheap

Although there are no shortages of domain and hosting marketplaces on the internet, there are several benefits to choosing Namecheap. One of the most important and obvious reasons to go for the brand is the availability of different types of services. From buying a domain to ensuring professional hosting, you can get professional help across all these areas when you opt for Namecheap. 

Another important reason is pricing. It goes without saying that Namecheap offers competitive rates across almost all of their online services. You can also opt for different types of Namecheap promo codes in order to get great deals on the service you want to go for. 


Namecheap Promo Code at Couponadic

You can explore different types of Namecheap offers at Couponadic. In fact, Couponadic is a great platform to explore deals offered by the brand as all the offers are regularly and timely updated. With updates, you are ensured that you do not miss out on any great deal that Namecheap gives out on a regular basis.

Some of the different types of Namecheap coupon codes that you can explore at Couponadic include up to 30% off on .com domains, up to 30% off on monthly hosting plans, up to 50% off on select domain types, Up to 15% off on SSL certificates, flat 90% discount on a new business domain, up to 60% off on domain names, discounts on reseller hosting monthly plans, attractive discounts for registration and transfer services. 

Save BIG on Domain & Hosting at Namecheap

Namecheap offers great deals on its domain and hosting services on a regular basis. And at Couponadic, you can explore and use all of these types of deals. Couponadic regularly updates Namecheap promo codes for domain and hosting, making it easier for you to go for the right offer without facing any type of hassle. 

How do I use Namecheap Coupon 

Opting for Namecheap offers at Couponadic is simple and hassle-free. The first step is to explore and choose the coupon code that you feel will best work for you. The second step is to retrieve the coupon code by clicking on the ‘get the coupon code’ option. 

After copying the coupon code, visit the Namecheap website using the embedded link on the Namecheap coupon code page at Couponadic. The final step is to apply the coupon code to the appropriate service that the coupon code is specifically designed for. 



Is Namecheap good for domains?

Yes, Namecheap is a great online platform for exploring and buying different types of domains such as .com, .net, .inc, etc. Apart from the uncompromised flexibility to choose between different types of domain names, Namecheap is also a great platform to buy domains at attractive price points. 

Does Namecheap offer free SSL? 

No, Namecheap does not offer free SSL. However, the brand does give out exciting discounts and attractive offers for their SSL services every now and then. The brand also offers great discounts through coupon codes which can help you opt for their SSL service without spending too much. 

Where are Namecheap servers located?

Namecheap servers are primarily located in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. The company hasn’t fully disclosed its infrastructural capabilities to date. However, despite the confidentiality, Namecheap does offer excellent customer service with their robust infrastructural capabilities. By opting for their premium packages, you benefit from extensive customer support. 

Does Namecheap offer free Email?

No, Namecheap does not offer free email. However, the brand does give out exciting discounts and attractive offers for their email services such as email suite development, and email data migration. The brand also offers great discounts through coupon codes which can help you opt for their email service without breaking the bank. 

What Email does Namecheap use?

Namecheap offers its customers the flexibility to create email on personal or business domains. By using discrete email servers, Namecheap has the infrastructure and capability to allow customers to use a professional business email that’s registered on the business domain. 

The company also offers various other services in tandem with their custom email suite services, including email data migration, free Alias addresses creation, HTML signature creation, email security, and various types of email security authentication. 

How do I set up Namecheap?

In order to be a part of Namecheap’s consistently growing customer base, you simply need to create a personal user account on the Namecheap website. And when creating your user account, you can include your personal preferences to receive service recommendations that are tailored to your specific needs.

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